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How do I protect my home and life savings in these uncertain times?
Speaker For This Webinar:
Holley Geerdes
Estate Planning Expert Attorney
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Does My Will Protect My Assets?
A will is just of the many tools used in Estate Planning. using the proper documents and understanding their limitations is critical to the Estate Planning process.
How Do I Protect My Assets For My Family? 
Keeping track and planning out what to do with your entire estate can seem like an overwhelming task, but with the help of a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer, you can ensure that every detail is carefully organized according to your specifications.
How Can My Family Avoid Probate?
Probate remains an unfortunate reality for many. At our workshops, we explain the process of probate and the requirements to avoid it. The intricacies of probate law are extensive and having the proper attorney who is familiar with this branch can make all the difference.

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